Horseland is an American animated series produced by DIC Entertainment. It is a comic mischief program following events in the lives of a group of children. horseland deutsch horseland horseland deutsch neue folgen horseland staffel 1 folge 1. wenn ich ein Pferd hätte dann würde ich das Handy bei mir zu Hause auf lautlos stellen. das geht nicht. Willi auf Jimber, Sarah auf Scarlet, Molly auf Calypso, Alma auf Button, Chloe auf Chili und dann sieht man noch den Kopf von Pepper, das ist Zoes Pferd v. Chloe has strawberry-blonde hair and light green eyes. Willi, der Reitlehrer, steht seinen Reitschülern helfend zur Seite. The girls are given the task of learning lateral dressage and Sarah especially is determined to learn it. Sie sorgen öfters für miese Stimmung auf der Pferderanch. She is especially fond of clothes and makeup, and loves to look great when she rides. A once-wild horse named Puma comes to Horseland, and talks of his life in the wild.

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Everyone except Bailey goes on a trail ride, and Chloe and Zoey are assigned the job of putting out the camp fire. Worried that Molly and her horse will mess up during the competition and embarrass her and Pepper, Zoey tries to get Molly to drop out by convincing her that Sarah and Alma want to drop her from the routine anyway. Molly invites her friends from the city to watch her perform at an upcoming competition and to meet her friends at Horseland. She is voiced by Bianca Heywood. After three seasons, the show was canceled on CBS on December 6, Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms celeb style apply. She's spirited and competitive, and is one of the best and most dedicated riders Horseland has to offer. Eine Möhre für Zwei. His only appearance is "A Horse Named River", during which it's revealed that he's become an elderly, unenthusiastic horse, nothing like the speedy youthful stallion Chili's been a fan of his whole life. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. What hosland out as a fun opportunity www.spiele 1001.de compete may end up costing them their friendship. hosland Amber is African-American, and has dark brown eyes and long wavy hair. However, when the course is changed at the last minute, Alma finds herself radically unprepared for the challenges ahead of her, and this competition turns out to be one of the most difficult ones the riders have had to face yet. Shep has been with him since he was a pup. Chloe and Zoey attempt to help her impress him, but their plan backfires. However, she is afraid that they won't like each other due to the fact her city friends are all about goofing off and having fun while her friends at Horseland are dedicated and serious about work. Wickie und die starken Männer. However, both Alma and Shep begin to act jealous and, as usual, something's afoot. Wir bitten um Ihr Verständnis und wollen uns sicher sein dass Sie kein Bot sind. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Horseland — Die Pferderanch im Fernsehen läuft. Chase has light brown hair and blue eyes. Chili shares Chloe's confidence to the point that he feels he is the most talented horse at Horseland, though he often feels upstaged and unappreciated by his showy rider.

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Hosland He is gung protective of his mare friends, much to their irritation, and has shown great courage, determination, and leadership skills. She appears in the episode "Changing Spots" and is the premier show jumper at Stanhope Academy, Horseland's biggest rival. Jesse's horse is Buddy, a large chocolate flaxen stallion. He manages to sneaks away, but comes to find hosland that life away from civilization is a lot harder than he hosland. However, River is retired, causing Chili some concern. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. During jumping practice one day, Molly is thrown off Calypso and becomes too scared to ride her anymore.




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